The fate of "Into The Night" Season 3 has already piqued viewers' interest after Netflix launched the much anticipated second season on Sept. 8.

Presently, the first season has an 88 percent critic score and a 76 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The numbers indicate that the series greatly exceeded everyone's expectations. Meanwhile, the second season finished with a series of cliffhangers and major storyline twists. The cataclysmic escape strategy faded in front of the fans' eyes.

Reports said that Season 3 of "Into The Night" will hopefully be bigger and more suspenseful. The question now is whether or not there will be a third season.

According to Tech Radar, filming on the film could begin as soon as Netflix confirms the show's third season. The show's makers are looking forward to the upcoming season because the previous one left many things unsolved. As a result, season 3 is a distinct possibility. Netflix, on the other hand, has the final say on the show's fate. Fans should not be alarmed just yet, since the second season is still in its early stages. That indicates officials may be waiting to see how season 2 does before deciding whether to renew the show or cancel it.

But some fans are expecting that streaming giant will push through "Into The Night" Season 3. That's because Mehmet Kurtulus, the series' primary actor, posted some behind-the-scenes videos from season 2 on his Instagram story. If the trend continues, Netflix Life predicts that the original series' third season will be extended by six episodes.

The first season premiered on Netflix in May 2020, with a second season following in September 2021. We anticipate Netflix releasing "Into The Night" Season 3 in 2022, based on previous releases. However, no official information concerning Season 3 has been given by the streaming provider. If the show is renewed, The Awesome One said the first photos for season 3 of "Into The Night" will most likely be revealed a few weeks before the new episodes air.

Netflix usually releases trailers for its original programming two or three weeks before it debuts. Dedicated viewers will be expecting for a new season of their favorite show to air shortly. However, keep in mind that this prognosis should be taken with a grain of salt.

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