William Valdés Talks About Univision Firing 2 Months After Abrupt Exit

William Valdés
The former "Despierta América" social media correspondant was let go from Univision abruptly and he's finally speaking out. GettyImages

William Valdés exit from Univision and "Despierta América" left everyone completely shocked as it came out of nowhere. The television personality has moved on from the mess and is finally speaking out about the situation and why he thinks he was fired from the Spanish-language network. "I think they were not able to sell me well on Univision, or in 'Despierta América,' better said," he told People En Español. "People always saw me as a kid, they think I'm this rich kid or that someone put me in that position. They never respected me, because of my age, that is what happened."

Following his axing from the morning show two months ago, he still does not have a stable job but is working on new projects. "What worries me the most is my family because I bought my mom a house," he said. "That was the first thing that I bought thanks to my work at Univision. What worries me the most of being out of a job is that financial support that I give to my family because like it or not, I pay my family's mortgage and nobody pays my rent. Sometimes things happen that make you wonder why did this happen to me when I haven't done anything wrong?"

When news broke that Valdés was fired from the popular morning show, it was two days later that he reappeared on social media to address the issue.  "To all my followers and general public, I want to thank you for your messages, your calls, but above all your time, that time that has made us into a great family," he wrote. "With you I have grown, shared moments of happiness, sadness, lived dreams that have come a reality, but above all to learn to assimilate that the show must go on. I thank Univision for this great opportunity for you to get to know me and that together will search for new and greater opportunities. I will soon tell you about my next project and I can hopefully count with your support." Valdés ended the statement with a heart emoji and the hashtag "never give up."

With the extra time in his hands, William Valdés has been pushing his social media presence and recently took part in promoting a sequel to "Planet of the Apes" movie that entailed him to travel to New Zealand. At his arrival he talked to his fans directly in a Facebook Live broadcast to show how grateful he was for all of their support. "Thank you for are your kind messages," he started off saying. "You know it's a tough moment in my life, but everything is good, we continue to be connected through social media."

He also added: "For those that miss me, don't miss me because we are still here connected through social media and I will continue to be active. Don't miss me too much because there are a lot of surprises coming, I am grateful for all of your support. We will continue moving forward and thanks to all of you I am where I am."

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