Microsoft started rolling out its Windows 10 Anniversary Update this week. While this major update includes a lot of exciting features, the popular AI voice assistant Cortana will only be available in select countries and regions.

On the official Windows Blog, Michael Fortin, corporate vice president of Windows and Devices Group Core Quality, announced the release of the Anniversary Update on Tuesday and highlighted the innovative features the update will bring to Windows patrons, Windows Ink and Cortana.

Windows Ink is a set of features that requires the use of a digital pen. It basically enables users to take notes on Sticky Notes, sketch on a screenshot and even draw out ideas on a blank sketchpad or on the lockscreen. 

“With the Anniversary Update to Windows 10, we have set out to greatly simplify your pen experience and deliver on the promise of making your digital pen as easy to use as pen and paper. Because your digital pen leaves digital ink, we can go beyond that and give your ink super powers,” Windows Ink group program manager Li-Chen Miller said of the feature in a separate blog post

Meanwhile, Cortana is Microsoft’s intelligent virtual assistant that acts as the main search feature of Windows devices, and it can do a lot of things, like tracking shipments and make travel arrangements.

Because of its functionality, Cortana quickly became a favorite of Windows 10 users in 2015 as confirmed by the findings in Brandwatch’s research. Thus, given its popularity, it would not be surprising if many Windows 10 users are anticipating the arrival of the virtual assistant to their devices via the Anniversary Update.

Unfortunately, Cortana will not be available everywhere as Fortin’s blog post specified in the end that the voice assistant will only be accessible to select markets.

The countries and regions that will get Cortana are listed on Microsoft’s support page, and they are Australia, United States, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy. Brazil, Spain, China, Mexico, Japan and India will also get Cortana through the new update. 

While the rest of the world will not get Cortana, they are still receiving a lot of useful and brand new features that will make updating their devices all worth it. For example, Windows Edge will receive support for extensions with the Anniversary Update. The browser will also get support for AdBlock, according to Engadget

Other improvements the update provides are enhancements to Windows Defender, Windows Help and Skype, as well as a range of new educational tools, as noted by Windows Blog Editor-in-Chief Mollie Ruiz-Hopper in a blog post

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be available to Windows 10 users gradually. Users can simply check if the update has reached their device by going to Update & Security on the Settings menu and clicking on Windows Update to manually download and install the update, according to CNN Money.