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A man in Wisconsin with a history of threatening public officials has been accused and charged with threatening to kill Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. The 52–year-old Dane county local, Michael Yaker, was charged last week by federal authorities with two counts of using interstate commerce to transmit threats to injure another person.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Yaker was charged last week after sending threatening emails to the Wisconsin governor. In his emails, he was quoted referring to Evers as a “Dead Man Walking” and that he has been “Marked For Elimination”. In a criminal complaint, Yaker told a Wisconsin Capitol Police officer that he would like to “ have my hands around Ever’s throat”. He also lashed at the governor detailing his intentions, “I’d like to bash his head against a concrete wall till the concrete turners to dust.”

Yaker’s deranged threats were officially filed as charges on Nov. 5 after his string of threats made his intent clear on the governor. He also kept on with his violent remarks in his emails of wanting to “have his blood on my hands”.

Ever’s camp has not made a comment on these threats nor on the charges filed against Yaker’s violent threats against him. The criminal complaint was submitted to the U.S. District Court as Wisconsin State Capitol Police reached out to the Dane County Sheriff’s Office last month regarding the vile email sent to the governor’s office on Oct. 27 by the Correspondence Manager for the Office of the Governor. An officer responded to the sender to clarify and establish Yaker's identity.

Yaker is a Wisconsin based timber-farmer and contractor with a reported history of harassment against local officials. Aside from his threatening emails and Facebook messages to Evers, he was charged in 2011 for stalking Dane County clerk Scott McDonell after he failed to procure a contract to build a county park shelter. Yaker walked into a public forum being held at the City-County Building with a large ax in hand. He was later fined after pleading no contest to disorderly conduct for bringing his ax. Yaker reportedly also sent the Chairman a string of threatening emails.

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