A man from Queens, New York was arrested on Thursday after he reportedly shot and killed a woman who he accuses of being a witch that attempted to curse him to die, as the community and the victim's family mourn her death.

Anna Torres, a 51-year-old mother who was a former fortune teller, was killed by 41-year-old Giuseppe Canzani, who shot her when she answered the door to her apartment in Ozone Park, according to ABC7.

Canzani’s relationship with Torres is unclear, but it appears that Torres had read his fortune or done something similar to that at some point in time, and Canzani believed that Torres was attempting to curse him with a witch’s spell during that time, the New York Post reported.

“If I tell you what’s going on with me, you wouldn’t believe it,” he said. “Not for nothing, I am supposed to be dead already, that’s all I know. This woman, you guys will never understand. You would think I’m crazy.”

“I killed her because she was a witch,” he reportedly told the cops.

Torres is the mother of a police officer, though an initial investigation showed that the motive is unrelated to that. Torres’ husband David Aguilar had heard of her death in the news while he was at work, and rushed over to the city morgue to identify her body.

“I was at work and I seen it on the news. I said, ‘Hold up. That looks like my house.’ It was,” Aguilar said. “He smashed my world. I’ve never seen him before. I wish I was able to get to him right now but I can’t.”

Torres’ mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were in their rooms at the home when Torres was shot. It appears that Canzani, after shooting Torres, had left the rest of the residents of the home alone as he moved back to his car.

Residents and neighbors of the area say that Canzani had been stalking Torres for weeks as he stated his intent to kill her, though no one in the neighborhood took his threat seriously at the time.

“I heard the family was threatened a few weeks ago by this guy, that he’s going to shoot somebody in the house, and the guy finally did something. I can’t say what it was for, I don’t have that information,” neighbor Vick said.

“I don't even want to say on the news what I want,” Aguilar said. “They should let him go and I'll take care of him.”

A man from Queens is charged with the murder of resident Anna Torres after he reportedly accused her of being a witch and attempting to curse him to death for an unknown reason. This is a representational image. petr sidorov/Unsplash.

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