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A woman who is a former media executive was awarded £1.67 million ($2.25 million) in total insurance payout after suffering brain damage as a result of a car crash. Natasha Palmer, 34, was left disabled with damage to her left brain when a drunk driver smashed into the back of her car in 2014.

According to Mirror, Palmer filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver, Seferiff Mantas, and claimed damages of more than £2 million ($2.7 miilion) for the continuous physical suffering she has been going through as a result of the reckless accident. Palmer reportedly claimed she has since been unable to work due to severe migraines, poor memory, light sensitivity, dizziness as well as anxiety.

Mantas and the legal team of his insurer accused Palmer of “fundamental dishonesty” and exaggerating her health issues based on her glossy Instagram posts. Lawyers for Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Ltd. claimed Palmer had been lying about the toll the crash has taken on her health. They submitted more than 700 pages of social media posts by Palmer to the High Court that showed her enjoying a holiday in India as well as skiing trips, competing in a 10km Bear Grylls obstacle run among other sporting challenges.

However, Judge Anthony Metzer QC awarded Palmer a chunky compensation payout citing that her Instagram posts were merely meant to put a “gloss” on her life, a smokescreen meant to veil the complete picture of what really goes behind the lens in an attempt to gain more likes.

Palmer claimed damages of more than £2 million for her injuries and the effect it has had on her career, but Mantas and his insurance defense lawyers said her case and damage claims were only worth just £5,407 ($7,290). Furthermore, they said her posts showed Palmer had taken part in activities requiring significant physical exercise than she cares to admit in her statements or to any medical experts.

Judge Metzer handed Palmer £1,679,406 in damages ($2.25 million) -- £1.2 million ($1.62 million) of which would stem from her loss of earnings as the judge said Palmer could earn £75,000 ($101,000) a year had it not been for the car crash.

“She described her social media posts as a snapshot of what you want people to see, the positive and exciting side of your life, not the day-to-day difficulties,” Metzer said.

Meanwhile, Mantas was later convicted of driving under the influence.

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