A 25-year-old woman who was left with fatal burns informed the police that her lover was responsible for her death. The woman had been invited by the man to a secluded home where she was set alight. Even though locals extinguished the flames, the woman suffered severe burns she could not recover from.

The harrowing incident took place in the Ganjam district, Odisha, India. The couple had been romantically involved for around a year when the man decided to end his partner’s life.

According to Hindustan Times, Susmita Khadanga had been insisting her lover Krushna Chandra Sahoo to marry her. The resident of Pratappur village invited the woman to a secluded home in the village. Sahoo claimed that he wanted to discuss something with the woman.

During their interaction, the couple got into a fight. At one point in the fight, the man threw something inflammable at Khadanga. This set her ablaze. Instead of helping the woman, Sahoo fled from the scene.

Local people tried to save the woman by putting out the flames and taking her to a hospital. Khadanga was first taken to Purshottampur Community Health Centre, Kalinga TV reported. Her condition worsened forcing her to be shifted to a better-equipped health care facility. She was taken to MKCG hospital in Berhampur where her condition did not improve.

Police managed to take her statement while she was in a critical condition. Khadanga informed the police of the attack by Sahoo based on which the police tracked down and arrested the accused. The woman’s condition declined. Unable to recover from the burns to 80-90% of her body the woman succumbed to her burns on Tuesday, July 27.

Khadanga’s lover may have taken her life due to her insistence on marriage, a soldier in Ghana reportedly killed his lover for refusing to marry him.

The man, who had not been named, had reportedly been financing his girlfriend’s education and other expenses. A person close to the man claimed that the soldier ignored the needs of his parents and siblings to pay for the partner. He had even given her his credit cards so that she could use them.

He expected that in exchange for the financial support she would agree to marry him after finishing her education. When he proposed, she refused to marry her. The woman’s mother also insulted the man when he tried to speak to her family.

Jilted by his lover the man shot her fatally.

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