A pregnant woman has claimed that she suffered a miscarriage allegedly after she ate ice cream contaminated with listeria while attending a family wedding in Florida.

Kristen Hopkins, of Billerica, reportedly ate the tainted ice cream, produced by Big Olaf Creamery at an ice cream shop located at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa, while attending a family wedding in Clearwater Beach in May.

After returning home, Hopkins had to be rushed to a hospital with symptoms of listeria poisoning. Hopkins was admitted into the intensive care unit and treated for fatigue, convulsions, head and neck pain, cramping, diarrhea, and a severe headache, all symptoms of listeria. While undergoing treatment at the hospital, Hopkins received the heartbreaking news that her baby had died, New York Post reported.

Listeria, one of the most dangerous forms of food poisoning, can cause stillbirths and miscarriages in pregnant women. It is particularly hazardous for kids, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. Symptoms of Listeria usually start one to four weeks after eating contaminated food but can start as soon as the same day.

A total of 23 people from 10 states were infected by the outbreak. Out of these 23 people infected, 18 people reported eating ice cream and 10 of them reportedly consumed ice cream made by Big Olaf Creamery brand.

Big Olaf Creamery has since immediately ceased production and distribution of the ice cream product because of potential listeria contamination, Boston 25 News reported.

“Big Olaf Creamery was informed of an outbreak investigation by the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services and immediately ceased production and distribution of the ice cream product,” the FDA said

Following the incident, Hopkins and her husband are now suing the company for unspecified damages.

Meanwhile, the family of Mary Billman, 79, who reportedly died from listeria after eating Big Olaf ice cream in Florida earlier this year, has also filed a lawsuit against the company.

According to the lawsuit filed in the Middle District of Florida, Billman ate ice cream made by Sarasota-based Big Olaf Creamery at a Big Olaf location on Jan. 18 during a visit to Florida. However, she got infected with listeria, became ill, and died on Jan. 29th.

The ice cream made by Big Olaf Creamery is produced at a central facility in Sarasota and then distributed to Big Olaf Creamery stores and other retailers all around Florida.

A man who reportedly ordered ice cream and chips for his children on a food delivery application received condoms instead recently in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. This is a representational image. DUSAN ZIDAR/Shutterstock

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