The family of a woman in California who died from COVID-19 is suing the hospital that treated her on Tuesday, Jan. 25, after she was reportedly refused both the COVID-19 vaccine and monoclonal antibody treatment.

Forty-five-year-old Nerissa Regnier, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, died from COVID-19 on Dec. 16, and her family alleges that healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente refused to give her the COVID vaccine or an antibody treatment geared at COVID after she caught the disease, ABC 7 News reported.

When she first inquired about getting the COVID-19 jab, Kaiser reportedly refused to give it to her due to their claim that the vaccine contained a “live virus,” which is not true for any of the vaccines that are currently available, according to the Daily Beast.

She inquired about getting the vaccine at least seven times in the next six months, but Kaiser continued to refuse and reportedly kept using the “live virus” claim in order to keep her from getting the vaccine.

“They keep telling her no, no, no,” Annee Della Donna, the family’s lawyer, said.

When she did contract the virus, Kaiser’s hospital in Irvine refused to give her monoclonal antibody treatment to help mitigate the effects of the virus, instead giving her antibiotics and steroids in an attempt to treat her condition.

When her husband Devin Regnier transferred her to a different hospital to receive monoclonal antibody treatment, the hospital said that it was too late, stabilized her, and returned her to Kaiser where she died.

“This is a public service announcement. If you're told you shouldn't get the vaccine because it's a live vaccine that's just flat-out wrong. And everybody whose immune system is down, needs to get the vaccine. That's why we're doing this. We don't want this poor woman's life to be taken in vain,” Della Donna said.

Kaiser Permanente has yet to comment on the case, although they have offered their condolences for the death of Nerissa Regnier.

The family of Nerissa Regnier, a Californian woman who suffered from multiple sclerosis, is suing healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente for refusing to vaccinate her due to some false claims. This is a representational image. Martha Dominguez de Gouveia/Unsplash.

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