A 17-year-old boy from California, who reportedly blamed himself for his father contracting COVID-19, took his own life, after his dad succumbed to the virus, earlier this month.

Anthony Reyes Jr., 17, reportedly killed himself earlier in early January, just four months after his father, 46-year-old Anthony Reyes Sr. died due to COVID-19 complications. The teen apparently had considered himself responsible for his dad's death because he had invited his family to attend a pep rally at his school, from where they all likely contracted the virus, the Daily Mail reported.

Anthony and his family were unvaccinated against COVID-19 because they were concerned about their various medical conditions and the possible side effects that they could develop from taking the shot.

The Reyes patriarch worked at a power plant when he contracted the virus in late August 2021, along with his wife and children. However, within a week of being tested positive for the virus, Reyes Sr., who had a pre-existing heart condition, had to be admitted to a local hospital in critical condition.

Before Reyes Sr. succumbed to the virus on Sept. 11, 2021, his wife Stephanie Reyes made a decision to allow their son to see him one last time so he could bid farewell to his father, the Independent reported.

"My son wanted to go see his dad [and] against my better judgment, I let him go. It was the worst mistake I did," she said.

Anthony Jr. was reportedly left distraught after visiting his father on his death bed, wracked with guilt as he witnessed his dad dying on a hospital bed. After seeing his father lay dying, Anthony Jr. slipped into a deep depression. His mother desperately tried to get professional help for her son. However, all the therapists she contacted were reportedly completely booked up.

On Dec. 28, 2021, at around 4 a.m., Stephanie woke up to find the light in her son's bedroom still on. When she entered the room, she discovered that he had taken his own life.

"He was gone. I couldn't believe my baby’s gone," she said.

Stephanie has been left to raise her two surviving daughters, Reyna and Marissa, on her own.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is speaking out publicly to raise awareness about the dangers of depression in children, and to help parents recognize its first signs before it is too late.

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