A woman wanted answers on her missing daughter, someone who was reportedly abducted by Mexican cartel members.

The mother, identified as Miriam Rodrigues, got little to no help from authorities as she was searching for answers behind the alleged abduction of her daughter, Karen.

With that in mind, she took matters into her own hands to find out what truly happened to Karen. She did her investigations, taking a page out of Liam Neeson’s “Taken” as she set out a dangerous task of pinning down the culprits allegedly associated with one of Mexicos’ most dangerous cartels, Los Zetas.

She started by narrowing the list of people who were involved in the kidnapping of her daughter. Miriam had no intention for blood and just wanted answers to bring those behind the crime to justice.

Carrying out her investigation, which included disguising herself as a healthcare worker, conducting local surveys in the area. She was aided by her son, Luis, their efforts of which led to the imprisonment of several members.

One of the members was reportedly only 18 years old. She used her motherly compassion to convince the teen to give up the location of her daughter. She eventually did but shockingly discovered that Karen had been murdered.

Further, this led to the discovery of other victims, a mass excavation of more dead bodies.

It was an unusual venture that Miriam did. Aside from passing off as a health worker, she also used different disguises such as impersonating government officials as she went through a lot just to collect information in bringing down cartel members that were behind her daughter’s death.

Within those three years, Miriam was responsible for taking down 10 different gang members who had tried to make a run for it and start new lives.

It all eventually caught up to her when she was killed in 2017, shot dead at her home. Miriam was killed on May 10, Mother’s Day in Mexico, when men broke into her house and shot her 12 times.

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