A woman allegedly doused her 10-year-old daughter with kerosene and set her ablaze to prove her fidelity to her husband in Thiruvottiyur, North Chennai, India on Sunday, Jan. 30.

The mother, identified as a 38-year-old Jayalakshmi, reportedly regularly engages in heated arguments with her third husband Padmanabhan, a divorcee and tanker driver, over suspicions of infidelity. On Sunday night, Jan. 30, after a similar confrontation, when Padmanabhan demanded Jayalakshmi to prove her loyalty, she allegedly drenched her 10-year-old daughter Pavithra, a Class 5 student, with kerosene and set her on fire, India Today reported.

Jayalakshmi reportedly left her first husband Palvannan and married his younger brother Durairaj with whom she had Pavithra. However, she later left Durairaj and returned to Chennai where she married Padmanabhan after he finalized his divorce nine years ago. They reportedly have two children aged six and four.

Padmanabhan reportedly regularly comes home drunk and confronts her, suspecting the mother of having an extramarital affair. On Sunday night, after a similar argument, Padmanabhan challenged Jayalakshmi to set her daughter ablaze, saying the fire would leave Pavithra unharmed if she was innocent.

Following the argument, Jayalakshmi barged into the room where Pavithra was sleeping with her step-sisters, allegedly dragged her out, doused her body with kerosene, and set her on fire to prove her innocent.

The neighbors who heard the 10-year-old girl's screams immediately rushed to the house, put out the fire, and transported the child to a hospital. Pavithra, who suffered 75 percent burns throughout her body, died on Monday morning, Jan. 31.

Following the child's death, the authorities arrested Jayalakshmi and her husband Padmanabhan and produced them before a court. The court found them guilty of abuse and murder and sent the couple to jail.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a 10-year-old girl has been reported dead after her stepfather Jesu Anthony Raj allegedly doused her with kerosene and set her ablaze for stealing a biscuit packet from a bakery in Tamil Nadu, India on Nov. 17, 2021, Latin Times reported.

On Nov. 17, Raj was reportedly scolded by the bakery owner for theft after his 10-year-old stepdaughter stole a biscuit packet from the store. When Raj came back home, he inquired about the theft to all his stepchildren. During the questioning, in a fit of rage, Raj allegedly poured kerosene on the three toddlers and set them ablaze.

The victim, who suffered 95 percent burns all over her body, underwent treatment at the hospital in critical condition but died two days later on Nov. 20.

The Panagudi police who are investigating the incident stated that an inquiry into the brutal attack is underway. They added that Raj will be charged with murder in connection with the minor girl's death.

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