Young Mom Survives After She Faints And Falls Head First Under Moving Train ReneGossner/ Pixabay

A woman plunged to her death in front of her friends after she climbed to the top of a waterfall that was blocked off to the public to take a selfie in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The deceased woman, identified as 26-year-old Amanda Franco dos Santos, the mum of a five-year-old, and her two friends were planning to do a photoshoot to post on their Instagram profiles at the Corupa Waterfall Route located in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Despite the location being closed to visitors on Sunday, Oct. 30, Amanda and her friends, decided to go forward with their plan and went to visit the area of beauty anyway, the Sun reported.

However, since the location was closed to visitors, the trio decided they would use an alternative route to reach the area. However, during their hike, Amanda slipped and plunged to her death from the waterfall. After not hearing from Amanda for some time, the two friends called the police to report that she had disappeared at around 4.50 pm.

Following the call, crews from the local Volunteer Fire Department immediately rushed to the scene and launched a frantic search and rescue mission throughout the whole waterfall route. However, despite the effort, they were ultimately unable to find Amanda during the first day of the search, the Mirror reported.

Amanda's body was later found after it had washed through several casades. Her funeral took place at the Municipal Cemetery in the city of Mafra on Nov. 1.

"My dear niece, may Jesus welcome you with open arms," Amanda's aunt said.

"Watch over us from heaven, nostalgia is already hitting," she added.

"Just yesterday I saw you singing and now the news that shook me, you went to live with God and became a beautiful little star. I will miss you so much, your laughs, your advice," one of Amanda's relatives said.

"I can't believe you're gone, you had your whole life ahead of you, my crazy girl. You will always be in our hearts."

"Why did you leave us? It's not sinking in that you're gone, that you won't be here cheering our family anymore," another relative said.

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