A Mexican woman in Tijuana was found dead in the trunk of her car on Thursday, Feb. 17, after the woman had gone on a Valentines' date with a mysterious American man, with her family blaming the Mexican police for their inaction.

Twenty-five-year-old Elizabeth Martínez Cigarroa was found tied up and beaten in the back of her white Jeep Liberty in the northern side of Tijuana, her body curled up in the fetal position when police officers first found it, according to The Independent.

Her family, who reported her missing on the day of her disappearance, said that she was meeting with a mysterious American man whom they had not met. They expressed disappointment at the local police for their inaction when they reported her missing on the day of her disappearance, the New York Post reported.

Forensic reports show that Martinez Cigarroa suffered from multiple blows to the face and head, suggesting that she was beaten to death by the mystery man. The Valentine's date was reportedly the second meeting that Martinez Cigarroa had with the man.

Francisco Martinez, the brother of the victim, expressed sadness at her death. He said that Elizabeth, who is the youngest of her family’s siblings, had just finished getting her degree in international business recently.

“My sister was very peaceful, smiley, she was a good person and didn’t have any problems with anybody,” he said to local reporters.

Martinez said that he was planning a protest march against the police to bring more awareness towards Elizabeth’s case in order to prompt police officers to find her sister’s killer and solve the case.

Martinez Cigarroa is the 24th woman to be killed in Tijuana this year alone, as incidents of violence against women in Mexico continue to rise and femicide, which is the targeted violence and murder of women, continue unabated.

A report from Amnesty International said that the way Mexican police handled murder cases against women was “seriously flawed due to the inaction and negligence of the authorities leading to evidence being lost, all lines of inquiry not being investigated, and a gender perspective not being applied correctly.”

Elizabeth Martinez Cigarroa was found dead in the trunk of her car in the northern side of Tijuana on Thursday, prompting calls for police officers to prevent further violence against women. This is a representational image. Gautam Krishnan/Unsplash.

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