A woman from Huddersfield, England reportedly killed herself after mistakenly believing that her boyfriend was cheating on her with other women at a party.

Ella Emery, 27, a legal secretary and part-time eyelash technician, allegedly took her own life at the home she shared with her partner Jack Freeth in Huddersfield, England after suspecting that her beau was cheating on her with other women at a party he had attended the night before her death, Metro reported.

Emery reportedly had a history of anxiety and constantly worried about money and her grandparents. The night before her death in June 2019, Emery allegedly became suspicious that Freeth was cheating on her with other women at a birthday party that he had attended.

When Freeth returned home after the event later that night, Emery reportedly secretly took his phone and texted a handful of women in his contacts, pretending to be him to see if he was cheating on her. Later that night, while Freeth was asleep, Emery killed herself after mistakenly believing that her boyfriend was having an affair.

Following Emery's death, the West Yorkshire Police launched a homicide investigation and arrested Freeth on suspicion of murdering the woman. However, Freeth, who was 24 at the time, denied cheating on Emery and told the court: "I loved that girl to bits."

The police later dropped the criminal investigation and released Freeth from custody after no evidence of a struggle was found in Emery's death, the Daily Mail reported.

After Emery got into a relationship with Freeth, the woman reportedly wanted her beau to spend more time with her at home and was distressed by him regularly going out drinking with his friends.

Emery had reportedly previously attempted to kill herself while she was in a relationship with an older man who had tried to control her. However, Emery later gathered enough courage to leave him.

Meanwhile, Emery's mother Jane Emery described her as the most considerate, humorous, and caring person.

"It is easy and clear for anyone to see that Ella was the most beautiful young woman, but her family and friends know that she was so much more than just this," she said.

"She was the most considerate, loving, and caring person, with a character so much more than just good looks. Her wit, sense of humor, and vibrancy lit up any room she entered. With her passing, each one of us will always have a piece of our heart broken and missing that can never be replaced," she added.

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