In a bizarre ceremony, a 59-year-old woman in the Dominican Republic rented a coffin and lay there while guests engaged in fake crying.

Mayra Alonzo, a resident of Santiago province, faked her death to live the experience of "her own funeral" and fulfill her "fantasy" of feeling dead and thus "enjoy" her own wake, reported Listin Diario, a Dominican news outlet.

For the ceremony held in April, she paid about 60 thousand pesos ($2,979.71).

Photos showed Alonzo dressed in white and lying in a coffin with cotton stuffed into her nostrils at one point. She also wore a floral crown. Alonzo thanked her friends, family and neighbors for helping in organizing the ceremony where coffee, juice and food were served. "If I die tomorrow, I don't want anyone to do anything because I've done it all in life," she said.

Alonzo also advised people not to die right now, "because in the coffin it is very hot and it is very lonely."

Some of the social media users criticized Alonzo for organizing a fake funeral at a time when so many people lost their lives due to the coronavirus, reported Daily Mail. "Some things shouldn't be messed with. There are so many people that have lost loved ones because of Covid-19," one social media user wrote.

However, Alonzo said that it was the deaths during this tough time that inspired her to celebrate her life by holding the fake funeral.

In another bizarre news, people can reportedly flaunt Japanese handbags that will allow them to carry fish in public. The bag is a clear, barrel-shaped and water-filled bag. The portable fish tank is expected to launch in Japan soon, reported 7NEWS.

Its Instagram page already has over 3000 followers.

“Under development, the fish bag, a product that carries fish ‘live’,” the page says.

“Bring the fish you caught and the live fish you bought at the market to your home. We are working to spread live fish.” It is divided into two units of the body. "When you put in fish, you can remove the aquarium, store the fish, then connect it to the main body and turn on the power,” reads another Instagram caption.

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The former president of the prestigious Paris-Descartes University, Frédéric Dardel, was indicted on Friday, June 4, for the indecent conservation and rotting of hundreds of bodies that were donated for research to the Center for the Donation of Bodies (CDC). This is a representational image. Pixabay