In a brutal dog attack that has been compared to "a pack of small wolves," a woman who was fatally mauled pleaded "go back" to bystanders who were "haunted" by the scenes, The Daily Star reported.

The 28-year-old woman, who has not been identified but is thought to be a dog walker, was out walking seven hounds when she was brutally mauled to death.

In Caterham, Surrey, paramedics arrived on the scene as witnesses described the horrific circumstances of the woman's death. One said that they would be haunted by the incident "for a long time."

When responding authorities got at the site at 2:45 p.m., the woman tragically passed away there, while another person was brought to the hospital with less severe dog bite wounds.

The unnamed woman is said to have screamed at two horsemen who had stumbled on the tragic scene, yelling at them to "go back, go back".

The second victim of the incident, also a woman, who suffered non-life-threatening dog bite wounds, was later released from the hospital.

Police have established that the two were not acquainted prior to the horrible incident, although it is still unknown whether the woman who was hurt in the attack was attempting to assist the woman who had been mauled to death.

“She just had too many dogs. You cannot be in control with that number of dogs," said one local resident. “They were in a frenzy, acting as a pack of small wolves and going for whatever was in front of them.”

The woman, a London resident, was confirmed by police to have been walking many dogs at the time of her death. Eight dogs were captured at the scene and are still being held in custody.

Even though none of the eight canines are of any banned breeds, the media stated that they are still being held in custody.

Inspector Lyndsey Whatley, Borough Commander for Tandridge, said, "this is a tragic incident where a young woman has sadly lost her life and our thoughts are with her family and friends."

Family members claim that an XL Bully dog that killed a mother-of-two, 43, by mauling her to death "snapped and turned mad in the heat." This is a representational image. Lars Nissen via Pixabay

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