A woman apparently wanted her husband's job that made her team up with her boyfriend and mother to allegedly murder him. He was working at Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) in Maharashtra.

An unidentified man's body was recently discovered on Saasti Road. Police later found out that the deceased was a 34-year-old man named Maroti Kakre. Injury marks were spotted on his body. The marks made police suspect that he might have been killed, Times Now News reported.

After checking call records and other evidence, police zeroed in on the man’s 25-year-old wife, Prajakta, and other suspects.

After being detained, they were interrogated. During interrogation, cops found out that Prajakta was having an extra-marital affair with her sister’s brother-in-law Sanjay Tikle. She wanted to take Kakre’s job and live with Tikle. Prajakta got her mother's help to plot the murder after she shared that Kakre, an alcohol addict, used to often fight with her after drinking.

To execute the murder plan, Tikle paid money to his friend, Vikas Nagrale. Nagrale's job was to start a conversation with Kakre by asking him for a liquor shop’s address. He asked Kakre to join him for a drink. Nagrale ensured that Kakre was heavily drunk. Following which, he took Kakre to an isolated place where he allegedly strangled him then used a blade to cut his throat.

Soon, Tikle reached the spot with a friend. They took the body in a car and threw it near the Wardha River to make it look like an accident. It was close to the victim’s workplace, so Tikle thought that the body would be found by somebody. He assumed that later Prajakta would be given her husband's job. But police caught the accused, including the victim’s wife, her boyfriend and four others.

In a separate incident, a 38-year-old woman along with her boyfriend and a friend was arrested for allegedly murdering her husband on July 17, reported The Times Of India.

The woman, Rekha Solanki, picked rags in Ahmedabad for earning money. She reportedly told her two boyfriends, Sabir Pathan and Raju Damor, that she wanted to get rid of her husband, Jignesh Solanki. Her husband apparently spent all her money.

The two men suggested they could murder him. Then they approached another man, Shivam Thakkar, and decided to strangle Jignesh to death. Crime branch officers have caught Rekha, Pathan and Thakkar. They are searching for Damor.

Dead body
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