A Texas woman has been arrested and charged on Tuesday, Jan. 18, with the attempted sale or purchase of a child after she attempted to buy a baby from a woman she met at a Walmart checkout counter for $500,000.

Forty-nine-year-old Rebecca Taylor from Crockett, Texas reportedly met a woman at the self-checkout counter in a Walmart and commented about her son’s blue eyes and blond hair. She was with her baby and one-year-old child at the time when Taylor offered $250,000 for the children, the New York Post reported.

The woman thought that Taylor was joking, but Taylor reportedly told the mother that she had $250,000 in her car and that she would give it to her in exchange for the child. The mother refused and left after she finished checking out her times, according to KETK.

Another woman appeared with Taylor and they kept asking for the child’s name, which the mother refused to give. Nevertheless, they somehow knew the name and started screaming it to the mother as she went to the parking lot, upping the offer to $500,000.

The mother locked her children inside their car as Taylor and the woman continued to offer $500,000 for the infant before she and her toddlers drove away. The mother then reported Taylor to the police. The suspect later refused to cooperate with the investigation when authorities visited her residence.

“She told me that she doesn’t like thieves, then she stated I could speak with her attorney and to get off her ‘precipice.’ She slammed the door shut,” Lieutenant Althea Price said in her report.

Footage from the Walmart store corroborated the mother’s claims regarding Taylor’s behavior, and she was promptly arrested for the crime.

Taylor is currently being held under a $50,000 bond at the Houston County Jail. Selling or buying children is considered a federal sex-related offense that could net Taylor up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Texas resident Rebecca Taylor was arrested on Tuesday after she attempted to buy a child in a Walmart from a mother she met at the counter, who repeatedly refused to sell the child. This is a representational image. Markus Spiske/Unsplash.

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