An East London teen met with an untimely end after a mystery woman stabbed her in the neck on Tuesday, near the Ilford area. The suspect has been caught by cops and is under arrest.

According to The Sun, the 14-year-old was rushed to a nearby hospital after being slashed on the throat at around 3 pm on the streets in broad daylight. Further probe is underway, as investigators are yet to find what could’ve led up to the gruesome incident. Officials remain active on the scene of the crime to gather more information.

The girl is recuperating well from injuries that were categorized as “non-threatening”, and is on the road to recovery. Her fortunate escape has been attributed to the proactiveness of emergency serves in East London.

As per the statement released by the Metropolitan Police, cops were alerted about a stabbing incident that took place at Eynsford Road, at around 3 pm on Monday.

“Officers attended with LAS and found a 14-year-old suffering from a laceration to her neck. Her condition at this time is not thought to be life-threatening,” said an officer, adding how cops apprehended a woman in the scene on the grounds of suspicion of GBH with intent and have taken her into custody.

The victim is currently in hospital, with her loved ones by her side. Witnesses believe the stabbing occurred amid a scuffle among few people on the road. A man who works at a garage, which is close by to the scene of the crime, revealed that he saw a young girl clutching onto her neck and running down the road towards a house that onlookers believe was her grandparents’. Details haven’t been disclosed as yet, and further information is bound to emerge in the coming weeks as part of the ongoing probe.

Claims of a large kitchen knife being recovered from a front garden spot, which was barely a few yards from the alleged stabbing site have been doing the rounds, Daily Mail reported.

Reports have also cited that a London Ambulance Service spokesperson informed the media that they were summoned at 3:01 pm Monday, in response to which the service personnel sent emergency helpline numbers of resources to the scene, including an ambulance crew, a medic in a car, an incident response officer and London's Air Ambulance in order to rescue the girl before she was rushed to a major trauma center.

A representational image.
A representational image. Parallel Vision/ Pixabay