Liverpool Crown Court found 25-year-old Lian Clayton guilty of the assault of her neighbor Karren Bradshaw. Court heard how the attacker pinned the elderly victim down and stuck her causing several injuries.

Court also heard that the woman has stabbed the victim’s sister years ago. The troubled woman and her mother also broke into another neighbor’s home and committed theft.

Lian, a resident of St Helens, Merseyside received a message from Bradshaw’s daughter asking her to not bother the victim. This angered the young woman who rushed to her neighbors’ home with the intent to confront the neighbor’s daughter.

When Lian went to Bradshaw’s home she demanded the woman’s daughter stepped out. The woman in her 50’s tried to communicate to the angry woman that her daughter did not live with her. The attacker decided to take out her anger on the disabled woman.

She punched the victim in the face multiple times, The Liverpool Echo reported. She then pinned her to the floor and kept punching her. She even kicked and stomped on the victim’s ribs. Witnesses claimed that they could hear the victim’s bones break during the attack.

The victim suffered extensive bruising on her face. Her nose was broken and her eyesight has been compromised.

Lian initially claimed that she acted in self-defense, however, she later admitted to causing actual bodily harm.

Three months after the harrowing attack on Bradshaw, Lian and her mother Mary Clayton targeted another neighbor and burgled their house.

Julia Boyd was in the hospital when the mother and daughter approached the woman’s husband. They told him that they had been locked out. He gave them a ladder to climb into their home through an open window. The man then went to the hospital to visit his wife.

When he returned his home had been broken into. The thieves stole prescription medication, including morphine, house keys, car keys and food. The couple had surveillance cameras installed after the attack on Bradshaw. The cameras caught the mother and daughter burgling the home.

The court also heard that when Lian was 14 she had stabbed Bradshaw’s sister, The Daily Record reported. The woman has several previous charges against her.

Taking Lian’s troubled childhood and mental health into consideration, the court sentenced her to 10 months and three weeks for assault and burglary.

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