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A wife who went home and discovered that her husband had been out having drinks instead of cooking her dinner reacted in perhaps the most violent way.

The woman, named Chanita Kuedrum, reportedly shot her husband, Boonchuey Mooseeton, with a fish harpoon where it hurt most for not cooking dinner.

The furious 43-year-old attacked after waiting for her husband to come home, shooting his manhood like a fish.

According to Mooseeton, his wife of 21 years shot the base of his weenie with the spear when he arrived home.

Kuedrum has just returned home after a hard day working in the fields as a sugarcane collector. She was expecting to see some food on the table but realized that Mooseeton had not done so and had instead gone out drinking with friends.

Miffed that there was no food on the table, the 43-year-old allegedly stayed up until her husband came home and planned to teach him a life lesson.

Also, the 45-year-old man was reportedly too drunk that he only realized and felt the pain of the attack the following day. He required 17 stitches on his manhood after the attack.

For now, Mooseeton has opted to stay away from his wife until she cools down.

“I will not return home for now until she cools down,” he said.

Last year, a woman from Uttar Pradesh, India cut off her husband’s private part after her husband ignored her pleas not to marry a third wife.

Maulvi Vakil Ahmad died after being castrated by his second wife Hazra last on June 24 as a result of the incident.

Hazra narrated to police how they got into a heated argument after Ahmad expressed interest in marrying a third wife. She allegedly cut off her husband’s weenie with a kitchen knife while he was asleep later that night and ended up bleeding to death after the incident.

Crime Scene
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