A woman ended up robbing a bank using a toy gun to make an uncanny withdrawal to pay for her sister’s cancer treatment.

The woman was identified as Sali Hafiz, reportedly using a toy gun to rob a bank in Lebanon in her bid to steal $13,000 from her bank account.

The reason behind Hafiz’s move is that withdrawals in the country were limited to just $200 to $400 a month.

The reason behind the limited amount of money that could be withdrawn was due to the country’s economic crisis, a reason why campaigners have now tried to resort to other measures to get their money.

Also, the United Nations warned that nearly three-quarters of people in Lebanon have been pushed towards poverty, The Mirror reported.

Hafiz reportedly leaped into a counter of a bank in Beirut and demanded her savings. She was also aided by individuals of a group identified as the “Depositors Outcry Association.”

A video of the entire incident was captured and would, later on, be spread over social media. In the footage, the woman could be seen brandishing a pistol as her accomplices argued with bank officials. The staff ended up counting bank notes and then handing a bundle of US dollar bills to Hafiz.

“I did not break into the bank to kill anyone or set the place on fire,” Hafiz reportedly said in the video on Facebook. “I am here to get my rights.”

The woman was later on interviewed by Al Jadeed News and confessed that she had used a toy pistol that she had borrowed from her nephew.

The medical bills her sister had been piling up because she could not get more than the $200 from the bank.

As of this writing, Hafiz has yet to be arrested. However, National News Agency claims that the woman had doused herself with gasoline and threatened to set herself alight if staff refused to give her $20,000 from her savings.

“The whole government is under my house, and I’m at the airport, see you all in Istanbul, Ciao!” Hafiz posted on her Facebook account.

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