The trial for the murder of a former college faculty member who is believed to have been stabbed to death by his young wife of 15 years begins on Thursday, as both the prosecution and the defense try to dig down further into the collapse of their marriage that eventually led to the cold-blooded killing.

Michael Redlick, a 65-year-old man from Florida, had married his ex-stepdaughter Danielle Redlick, after her mother Kathleen Aquino died three months after Redlick married her. Danielle had moved in with him to help care for her sister before they became close and got married, according to the Daily Beast.

The marriage of Redlick, who was a University of Central Florida faculty member, reportedly went sour as soon as the couple got married, with Danielle claiming that Michael was abusive against her even as she went on to give birth to two children for him, FOX35 reported.

Danielle had attempted to divorce the victim in 2018, but the judge threw out the case after it was found that Michael was not properly served his divorce papers. Danielle continued to live with him, but the environment around the house did not improve.

On the night of the killing, Danielle Redlick’s lawyer Catherine Conlon claimed that Michael’s violence against her client had reached an all-time high.

“He pushes her down,” Conlon said. “She goes to her knees. He pulls her up by the hair. He shoves her to the kitchen island. He chokes. He smothers her. She reaches into a drawer; she grabs a knife; she stabs him one time; he is stunned; he releases her; and she runs to the bathroom.”

Prosecutors for the case, however, claim that Redlick had first claimed that Michael died of a heart attack before changing her story twice, and that she was scrolling through a dating app after Michael was stabbed for 11 hours before calling the police.

“Despite the fact that she didn’t go through the divorce, she was not interested in a life with Mr. Redlick,” Assistant State Attorney Sean Wiggins said. “She wanted to be happy and happiness for Mrs. Redlick was a life beyond Michael.”

Danielle also faces a charge of evidence tampering after the prosecution claimed that she had used cleaning supplies in the house to hide evidence or events that may have happened during the killing of Michael.

Redlick faces life in prison if convicted for the murder of her husband.

Danielle Redlick is accused of killing her husband and former stepfather Michael Redlick by stabbing him multiple times, before reportedly tampering with evidence by cleaning it up and then waiting 11 hours before reporting the crime. This is a representational image. Tim Mossholder/Unsplash.

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