A woman who reportedly ended up beheading the mother of her ex-partner following an argument failed in her attempt to appeal her life sentence.

The female suspect, identified as Rachel Hilyard from Kansas, got into an altercation with Micki Davis in 2017. This happened after the victim allegedly went to the suspect’s home to pick up the stuff of her son following the pair’s breakup.

Per reports, it was reportedly an argument over a painting that triggered the argument. Hilyard ended up grabbing a steak knife and hacked Davis’ neck until she could sever the head from the body of the deceased.

"I just freaked out, and we were wrestling into the garage, and we got into a fight," Hilyard said in court about the incident that happened in 2020.

Worse, the whole incident was witnessed by her 9-year-old grandson of Davis. The child narrated to police the whole ordeal, stating how Hilyard jumped on his grandmother with no warning and then started assaulting her.

It was added that somewhere during the attack, the steak knife broke. Hilyard would get another knife to finish her despicable attack.

"The things told me that I didn’t have much time and I had to get her head away from her body so her soul could get free so it could get out and go to heaven," the female suspect said, claiming she was hearing voices in her head.

After severing her head of Davis, Hilyard allegedly dumped the head in the kitchen sink. It is believed that the old woman was still alive when the disturbed woman was trying to decapitate her.

The 40-year-old suspect was initially found incompetent to stand trial. She would receive treatment at Larned State Security Hospital before undergoing another evaluation.

It was the competency evaluation rather than a full-blown mental health examination to establish whether she was fit to stand trial that was used by Hilyard in the appeal.

This was dismissed by the Kansas Supreme Court, batting that they did not request a mental examination.

"Hilyard appeals on several theories, including insufficient evidence to support premeditation, erroneous jury instruction, ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial error, and the district court’s abuse of discretion," the court wrote. "We affirm Hilyard’s conviction and sentence."

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