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Two women women were busted smuggling packed and sealed cocaine sewn into their wigs and hidden within their genitals. The travelers were caught at two separate Colombian airports where they both attempted to board flights to Spain. The hairy incident revealed the lengths the Colombian drug trade takes to flood their narcotics into the European market. Airport security noticed one of the women behaving rather oddly and proceeded to question her before she broke down and confessed to smuggling dangerous drugs into the country.

According to a Daily Mail report, a surveillance camera showed the first suspect who was apprehended at Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport in Cali as she was passing through the security checks on her way to the gate for her flight to Madrid. The woman handed her passport to security agents and then proceeded to place her luggage into the x-ray scanner before passing through the metal detector without incident.

Later, the woman seemed to be lost as she tried to find her way to one of the lounge areas. Security became suspicious of her when she had a nervous breakdown while being questioned. Authorities brought her to a screening room where agents discovered several objects sewn into her hair extensions. Upon further inspection, it was revealed she had over 900 grams of cocaine packaged and wrapped into several plastic bags shaped into capsules. The woman then confessed to smuggling 200 more grams of cocaine which she hid inside her vagina.

The second woman was arrested at José María Cordoba International Airport just moments before she was set to board a flight to Madrid. Similar to the first suspect, the second woman had carefully concealed 650 grams of cocaine within her wig and 200 grams sealed in a white bag, tucked into her genitals. Authorities have yet to comment on whether both incidents were related.

Other reports said that a recent trend has emerged among Colombian drug traffickers that see women being used as mules to smuggle narcotics with rather creative methods. In March, Colombian authorities arrested five women at an airport in Barranquilla after discovering 16 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside fake pregnancy bumps.

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