The AMP organizers sent an invitation to José Daniel Terán, the creator of A1 Arquitectura Avanzada, to attend the international event in Los Angeles, United States, in July 2022, said reports.

The request was for the Hidden Stone House project, a building in Quito's Puembo parish.

In the face of hundreds of entries from around the globe, Terán entered the Green architecture category and took home the 2022 Architectural Design Award.

The analysis of his work on a global scale included considerations of creativity. That ability to let go of the imagination to give way to forms, structures, and spaces without altering the natural environment.

This shows that in Ecuador there is the talent to create construction proposals of global relevance, reflects Terán, leader of the A1 study.

Terán's love of architecture is reaffirmed by winning the award, and he acknowledges the competitiveness of his collaborators in this process.

Finally, Terán believes that more and more Ecuadorian projects will be completed and that more architects will be eager to showcase their work and export the innovations developed here to other parts of the world.

The award will be presented to the Ecuadorian representative at the ceremony on Nov. 24 at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

The winning project is a home built with a balance between comfort and respect for nature.

The endemic trees of Puembo impose the landscape and their shade allows spatial relationships and unique sensory perceptions. The biomimetic architecture adapts and integrates with the natural biotype.

The annual Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) is a global architecture award recognizing design excellence. The AMP was created to advance the appreciation and exposure of quality architectural design worldwide. The prize celebrates creativity and innovation in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, architectural product design, and architectural photography.

Its goal is to be the most respected architecture award and to set a new benchmark for the architecture and design professions on a global scale.

Winners are selected by an esteemed jury of architects and leaders in the architecture world and will receive the AMP trophy, extensive publicity showcasing their designs to a worldwide audience, and more.

Representation image. Pixabay

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