Defending World Cup Champions Spain, have been eliminated. Spain's 2-0 loss to Chile today makes them the first ever defending champion to lose their first two world cup matches in following world cup. 

Chile is moving onto the second-round of the 2014 World Cup with a impressive 2-0 victory over Spain, the 2010 World Cup reigning Champions. Spain could not overpower the feisty Chilian’s who had goals from Eduardo Vargas in the 19’ minute and a back breaking goal from Charles Aranguiz in the 43’ minute.

It simply was not Spain’s day again, as Chile took control of the match scoring the first goal and never looked back. Spain, frankly looked tired and played very lackluster not creating much energy even though they controlled the ball for a good percentage of the match. The few times Spain were able to put things together, Chile’s Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, was in the nets to keep the Spain scoreless as he played an excellent match frustrating Spain throughout the day. Spain had a total of 16 shots on goal compared to Chile's 8 shots but Chile seemed to be able to find the back of the net and cruise to the win.

Chile, dubbed the dark horse of its group, winners of both its first two Group B matches, are starting to get a rhythm that could possibly play out as some have predicted. 

Spain on the other hand will have to look at today's performence as a game they will want to forget as nothing seemed to roll thier way. Spain's Star Goalkeeper Casillias, could again have done much better in the nets as Chile's second goal could have been blamed on poor goalkeeping with Casillias giving up a easy rebound shot.

What seems to be a common thread in this years World Cup matches has been that teams that are winning are running and pressuring for ninety minutes plus as Spain did not seem to show that type of want or desire and thus the result.

With the match being played at Maracana Stadium, the crowd, primarily pro Chile, was very lively throughout the game as they watched the former champs on their final leg as Chile and company said good bye to Spain. 

Final Score: Chile 2 Spain 0