World Cup 2014: GLAAD Launches #StopTheSlurs To Fight Homophobia In Soccer

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The World Cup in Brazil is taking over the month of June, however, June is also Pride month. To take advantage of the two, LGBT rights promoter GLAAD has launched a new video campaign encouraging LGBT acceptance in the sport. Called #StopTheSlurs, the campaign explains: "Anti-LGBT slurs are still commonly used by soccer fans in stadiums around the world, from London to Mexico City. In addition to anti-gay cheers, recent reports indicate that t-shirts are being produced in Brazil that feature anti-LGBT slurs.

 GLAAD is a U.S. non-governmental media monitoring organization which promotes the image of LGBT people in the media. The campaign explains that "since many of the slurs are chanted by the crowds in the stadium, they are then broadcast to the viewing audience at home. GLAAD sent a letter to FIFA Presidnet, Joseph Blatter, asking him to take a stand against anti-LGBT slurs in FIFA stadiums. We outlined several actions FIFA could take. You can read an extract from this letter below. There has still not been a response from Blatter.

 I am writing you today to ask FIFA to take a strong stand against homophobic language. Myself and many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocates around the world are deeply concerned that LGBT fans are often put in danger by the homophobic attitudes present at many matches. We think this is particularly important as World Cup commences.While Article 3 of your statutes includes sexual orientation in its list of groups protected from discrimination, we believe more action is necessary to ensure LGBT fans feel safe during World Cup.

Unfortunately anti-gay insults are commonly heard during games in many parts of the world. Other activities like the sale of t-shirts in Brazil with slogans like "Maradona Maricón" and "C. Ronaldo Is Gay" are also very worrisome. As you can imagine, hearing this type of anti-LGBT language makes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and our families and friends not only feel insulted but unsafe. As the world converges on Brazil, we want to ensure World Cup is a safe and celebratory event for everyone.


Check out the full letter here.

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