Lionel Messi met privately with Augustin Illescas, the Guatemalan boy who Messi ignored in a pre-match moment that went totally viral: Augustin's image became famous after the Argentine star walked past him without greeting the boy before the game between Argentina and Bosnia. The incident occurred on Sunday when Augustin, who traveled to Brazil after winning a sponsorship contest, approached the Argentine and held out his hand, but Messi seemed to ignore him. Criticism was swift and brutal.

UPDATELionel Messi Has Not Met With Child He Ignored, Father Of Agustín Illescas Confirms [VIDEO]

 Lionel Messi had to clarify in a later interview that he was unaware of the child's presence and apologized, "I would not do that to a kid," he said. Yesterday, various social media accounts posted a photo of Augustin with Messi, who gave the young fan an autographed Argentinian team shirt. Meanwhile, another video has surfaced which shows that Messi was indeed willing to shake a youngsters hand, but was distracted by the referees first - young Agustin then left but the boy behind him got to shake 'La Pulga's hand!

That little champion who stole his heart to all football fans who were preparing to see the match between Argentina and Bosnia in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is called Augustine Illescas and he's from Guatemala.  According to the site Augustine is the smallest of the 20 children who went to the World Cup through the program "Live your dream" by McDonalds. There is an adorable video here where his dad asks him what he is doing and the little guy replies, "Packing to go to Brazil," he says and he asks why to which Agustin replies: "To meet Messi." I guess he got his dream after all!