Agustín Illescas is the name of the little fan Lionel Messi ignored during his debut appearance at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. A story has been making the rounds that claims Messi met the child he ignored, but as it turns out it is a complete hoax. Morning show "Levántate Bolivia" had the little tyke and his family to clarify the false rumors about an encounter. "No, that is not Agustín," Raúl Illescas firmly said after seeing the photo of the alleged Agustín. Illescas goes on to confirm that his family has not been contacted by Messi or his team. "Messi is concentrated in the World Cup and his head needs to be in the game so Argentina can go far in the tournament," he said. "I think with the clarification he gave during his press conference it was enough for him and for us. They have not contacted us and it's not something we're asking for either." WATCH the full interview in Spanish down below!

"The topic about the photo is that we were upset because we didn't want people to be misinformed that there was a relation with Lionel Messi or his people when it wasn't true," Raúl Illescas continued. "Some news outlets don't check their sources and just publish anything to get an audience or ratings." Agustín turns out that is a huge Messi fan and he was one of the smallest of 20 children who went to the World Cup through a program sponsored by McDonald's called "Live Your Dream." It was Agustín's dream to meet the Argentine striker posting videos of him extremely excited to meet the star. Messi was asked in a press conference if he snubbed the kid and said: "I just did not realize he was there. In fact, I spoke to two other children in the line. I would never do such a thing when I have a nephew and young son, I would never do such a thing with a boy."

Lionel Messi is one of the biggest soccer players of the moment and his debut at the 2014 FIFA World Cup last weekend was a smash. The striker annotated the second goal for the Argentina team and secured their three points in the group stages. However, before the match started he had a dark cloud over his head. As the 26-year-old player made his way through a tunnel to shake officials' hands a child approaches the star, extends his hand but is completely shunned. Imagine the feelings of this kid, a fan of the player that watches his games on tv every weekend and here was his moment to meet his idol, but got ignored. As it is Messi is heavily criticized for being arrogant, but to be fair it does look like he waves at someone before getting the officials. Some sites have cited that it might be that the player known as "La Pulga" ("The Flea") didn't see him because of the height difference, but Messi is already relatively short.