Lionel Messi is one of the biggest soccer players of the moment and his debut at the 2014 FIFA World Cup last weekend was a smash. The striker annotated the second goal for the Argentina team and secured their three points in the group stages. However, before the match started he had a dark cloud over his head. As the 26-year-old player made his way through a tunnel to shake officials' hands a child approaches the star, extends his hand but is completely shunned. Imagine the feelings of this kid, a fan of the player that watches his games on tv every weekend and here was his moment to meet his idol, but got ignored. As it is Messi is heavily criticized for being arrogant, but to be fair it does look like he waves at someone before getting the officials. Some sites have cited that it might be that the player known as "La Pulga" ("The Flea") didn't see him because of the height difference, but Messi is already relatively short. 

After the heavy backlash, Messi allegedly met the boy he ignored. Various media outlets are claiming that Agustín Illescas from Guatemala was the child that the Argentine star disregarded. An image that showed up on various social media accounts has Agustin sitting on Messi's lap. However, many people have questioned the veracity of the boy. Many have challenged if it's even the same boy. The boy from the tunnel looked smaller, while the one posing with Lionel seems relatively taller. To be fair, the camera shot could be a problem with the angle, which makes the kid looks smaller than he really is. Of course, it does give us a perspective of the height difference between the soccer player and his fan. In the video he's half his size and the posed photo, he doesn't look as small, but that could also be the way Messi is sitting. VOTE down below and tell us if you think if it's the same child!