Spain has bid a sad farewell to its World Cup dreams and the media has had a field day. In Spain, however, the reviews have been cast in most cases with praise to a generation that gave six years of glory to the country with two European Championships and the World Cup that they achieved in South Africa 2010.  In other countries, the reaction has been of total surprise. Newspaper covers have reflected the sincere shock of the premature goodbye.

However, not all publications have been so respectful. The journal "Crítica" of Panama, the morning after Spain went down to Chile came out with the headline "Gilipollas!" a very harsh Spanish insult that translates roughly to 'a**hole.' A very serious insult to a big team: double European champion and world champion. The headline has been taken with serious offense in Spain where it has caused quite some controversy.

The explanation in the article does not quite justify the harsh headline: "Spain, the world champion, has been a total disaster. Yesterday, the team lost 2-0 to Chile and was the first team eliminated in Brazil. It has been a worldwide disappointment. They have had a nightmare tournament that included a 5-1 defeat against the Netherlands. La Roja was kicked out of France in 1998 in the first round. Yesterday at Maracana, four years of Johannesburg and only two after the Euro in Kiev, Brazil saw the Spanish Titanic."