Ahead of the Colombia Vs. Cote D’Ivoire World Cup game on Thursday, June 19, Colombian officials have tightened the security to prevent incidents. It so happens that after winning over Greece with a 3-0 victory in their opening game, Colombians were so excited and euphoric, that some even became very violent. Nine people were killed in Bogotá, while another individual was pronounced dead in Ibague, Tolima following the World Cup celebrations. Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro took to Twitter to disclose more numbers saying that there were 3,000 quarrels and 15 injured besides the deceased.

“It should not be like this” the mayor added. “Tomorrow I will propose a plan for Thursday,” he finished his Tweet. For the first game, the city government installed giant screens in public places in middle class and wealthy areas of Bogotá, and it seemed to work well as thousands enjoyed the match without significant incidents. “The large screens worked well,” Petro told Semana magazine. “Almost 50,000 people watched the game at those screens, and there weren’t any incidents to lament, so we will extend those screens to areas where we had more [criminal] incidents, and we’ll also include musical and cultural events.”

Petro will install five giant screens in low-income areas where violence was greatest after the Greece game. Officials will also set up roadblocks to monitor the caravans of fans that drive through the city after Colombia wins matches, and more police presence will be patrolling in the city’s most violent areas. This is Colombia’s return to the World Cup after 16 years, and although the team is making a victorious comeback, the country’s officials are struggling to keep the country safe. “We have to learn to celebrate in peace,” Interior Minister Aurelio Iragorri said on Caracol Radio. “What will happen if Colombia does really well?”