The Russia-Ukraine War will almost be a year next month with peace nowhere close to happening. But the troubling part of it all is that there are conflicts in other countries as well, raising questions of worse scenarios that have led most to feat the possibility of seeing World War III.

Aside from Russia and Ukraine, other countries that have been dealing with disputes include Taiwan, Greece, Turkey and North Korea. Taken altogether, this could cause a ripple effect on the world stage especially if disputes in regions are not addressed.

First off is the fear of Russia using nuclear weapons. This has declined since the summer as Moscow and Ukraine have fallen into a stalemate. The fighting continues and there is still a chance that it may escalate to something worse.

There are concerns about the ability of Ukraine to continue the war in the long term, something that might force Kyiv to take risky steps of its own to break the stalemate.

As far as Russia is concerned, it cannot be discounted that the use of nuclear weapons may crop up once again.

There is also turmoil between China and Taiwan. Although it has waned a bit, the tensions could be raised again, especially with the COVID issue dying down.

Greece and Turkey also have their issues, particularly driven in large part by Turkey's assertive foreign policy turn and by the domestic vulnerability of the Erdogan regime. Caught in between the two countries is NATO. Should they get involved, Russia may use this as an opportunity if they intervene.

Lastly, concerns about nuclear weapons tied to North Korea may have simmered down but not forgotten. It remains a cause for worry. If war does break out it could rapidly become more destructive than the Russia-Ukraine War, with conventional and nuclear weapons exacting a horrific toll.

Representation Image Russian World War 2 Soldiers War Game depictions Customs112/ Pixabay

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