A wounded deer dashed through the main door of a hospital in Lousiana. It hurried up an escalator before being caught and euthanized.

According to a surveillance video circulating online, an animal entered Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge through an open door. The incident shocked the employees and guests as it slipped on the slick floor and climbed an escalator to the second floor.

“The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department responded promptly helping to remove the animal,” the hospital said in a statement obtained by India.com. “Patient care has not been interrupted and the area is being thoroughly sanitized.”

After reaching the second level, several persons, including a law enforcement officer, captured the deer and held it down. According to Associated Press (via Outlook India), responders hoisted the animal onto a hospital bed and transported outside to a truck from the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department.

Before wandering into the hospital from nearby Ward Creek, wildlife officials feared the deer had been injured by a car.

Unfortunately, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department had to euthanize the animal due to its injuries.

Another video obtained by WBRZ showed that the presumably drugged deer is taken out on a cart to a waiting Department of Wildlife and Fisheries truck.

WAFB said the agency suspects that a car hit the animal, which had blood pouring from its mouth, before making its sudden hospital visit.

A registered nurse posted photographs some individuals on top of the injured deer, including an officer and a hospital employee. The nurse later switched the Twitter account from public to private.

While this deer story ended in tragedy, Times Now News said a similar one from Kansas last year ended happily.

Firefighters rescued a deer from the icy waters of a frozen lake in Edgerton, Kansas.

The initial responders were assistant sheriff's officers, who attempted to get the animal to safety. They eventually had to call for a full-fledged rescue mission from the fire department.

The deer was about 50 feet from the coast in the frigid waters, and the rescuers had to act swiftly to save the animal. The deer was in the frigid water for more than 20 minutes, according to the property owner.

Red Deer At Glen Etive
GLEN COE, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 26: A red deer lifts its hoof towards a member of the public as they enter their car in the Highlands on November 26, 2020 in Glen Coe, Scotland. Britain’s largest wild animal, The Red Deer, roam on open moorlands around the country during the summer and move to lower ground into forests and wood for shelter during the harsh Scottish winters. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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