Hearing about giant snakes swallowing other animals is nothing new. Rabbits or rats are normal but seeing a whole deer is rare.

Officers from the Forest Department that were at the Baran district of Rajasthan were able to capture a video of the incident where an 8-foot snake consumed a deer.

Based on reports, the deer was preyed upon by the python at the Lalapura Plantation from the Kishanganj forest area. It was captured in a 34-second video with the snake swallowing the deer gradually.

According to villagers, the python went away after consuming the deer.

A dense forest near Kishanganj is said to be where wild animals often reside. Aside from the deer, other animals include pythons and bears who live in this dense forest of Baran district.

As far as videos capturing such chilling scenes, it is nothing out of the ordinary. But in this case, seeing a deer being swallowed by a giant snake is a rarity.

Also and with the 8-foot reptile slithering away, there was no report on whether it threw up the deer after the incident.

Last month, there was a similar incident where an 11-foot python swallowed and then unswallowed a monkey. The incident happened at the bank of a small river passing through the Vasna-Kotariya village near Vadodara.

The python swallowed and then unswallowed the monkey with forest officials believing the snake got sick. Wildlife rescuer Shailesh Raval was among the first ones to respond to the spot where the reptile was spotted after villagers alerted the Karelibaug range forest office.

When checked, Raval said that the python was in pretty good condition. At that time, they were still observing the reptile after which it would be released back in the wild at the right time.

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