Paige or known in real life as Saraya-Jade Bevis had her share of success in the WWE ring which started in 2011.

However, the 29-year-old was not spared from controversies. And perhaps the most unforgettable moment of her life was when a sex tape of her leaked in 2017.

Saraya admitted that she felt so embarrassed with that unfortunate episode of her life when she appeared on “The Sessions” podcast of Renee Paquette. It was here where she admitted that she had hit rock bottom when her nude photos and videos hit the internet.

"It was just the most awful moment of my life," Saraya said. "The person that I was with at the time showed me a picture on Twitter."

She admitted that she had dark thoughts at the time and felt like she did not want to live anymore. Saraya was aware that aside from the WWE, she was afraid of the disappointment it would have on her father.

"It was f***ing awful. I just was so f***ing sad. I remember being like, 'If my dad is disappointed with me, I don’t think I could be here anymore.'"

Fortunately for Saraya, her father was understanding and instead told her to just “suck it up” and that he remained proud of his daughter.

“You had sex. Everyone’s done it. Unfortunately you’re just in the public eye. It is what it is. You’ve got to suck it up. It’s gonna hurt for a little bit. People are gonna make fun of you forever. I just want you to know that I’m still proud of you and I’m not disappointed,” the father of Saraya reportedly said.

Also, the WWE did its part in supporting her during those dark times. The promotion reportedly even offered to help her in trying to rid the internet of as much footage as they could.

“Well, if my family are OK with me then I’m gonna be OK,” the ex-WWE star said in a report by the Post.

WWE Diva Paige
WWE Diva Paige Getty Images | Gilbert Carrasquillo

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