An X-rated children's slide has been talk of the town and some social media users called it "inappropriate" for kids.

A woman took to Facebook to share screenshot of a slide that is shaped like two oranges and a banana, according to Daily Star. The inappropriate part of the slide that netizens feel is the way the sausage-shaped object goes into another object that has two folds. The woman asked in the post's caption what council members approved the slide.

Conversations around the slide continued on TikTok when it was uploaded by a TikTok user Wednesday and got thousands of likes and comments. One angry user doesn't think six-year-old kids need to know what it is yet. Another joked, "Who said this was okay. I need to talk to their mother." One TikTok user said that it was definitely intentional while another called it "inappropriate" for a children's playground.

But it seems like the slide was a prop in a film and not a permanent feature in the park. A woman said that the slide is part of a movie set for a Seth Rogan film, and it's been taken down. Another shared that it's for a movie that was shot in Canada.

It seems like parents don't need to worry about the slide. However, there is a potentially deadly new craze called dry scooping, which is trending online, and they should be concerned about their kids.

The person who tries it out, needs to swallow protein workout powder dry then drink water to wash it down. While it has already garnered more than eight million likes on TikTok, one influencer shared how she suffered a heart attack because of it. Medical experts have warned that it can lead to lung and heart seizures, and can be deadly for children, according to Mirror.

"Dry scooping, a particularly risky method of consumption, entails putting undiluted powder into one's mouth followed by sips of liquid," said study lead author Nelson Chow, a pediatrics student at Princeton University in America.

Chow shared that the concentrated powder can lead to accidental inhalation, choking or overconsumption injury and even death. He noticed that even though it has been labeled 18-plus, it has become increasingly popular among teenagers.

Representation Image Marzena7/ Pixabay