The telenovela "Yo No Creo En Los Hombres" ended tonight in Mexico and had everyone glued to their television set for the 2-hour finale. Starring Adriana Louvier and Gabriel Soto, the soap based on a Caridad Bravo Adams original, had our protagonist María Dolores (Louvier) in jail accused of a crime she didn't commit. Her trial is underway, but her lawyer and lover Max (Soto) has just been kidnapped which complicate things even more. In the Last Episode we have Daniel (Flavio Medina) ordering the kidnappers to execute Max. In jail, Maria Dolores is approached by a woman who tells her she knows everything about Martha. Max calls Claudio Bustamante (Alejandro Camacho) and the kidnappers ask for money to liberate him. The call was bugged and was used by law enforcement to trace the call to its origins. María Dolores calls home, hoping to get some answers as to why Max is acting so strange, but her sister Clarita hangs up on her as a man comes to the door asking her to leave her home based on orders from Ursula.

Isela arrives home and Josefa (Azela Robinson) doesn't care for her, but she does want her baby. Honoria (Cecilia Toussaint) interferes and doesn't allow her to take the baby away. All of the neighbors gain up on Josefa and start pulling her hair and kicking her. She goes back to her apartment, takes some money she had saved up and leaves telling herself that she will take revenge on Bustamante. Clarita is desperate to get money and help her family out and she takes action. María Dolores wants to know what happened to Max and she calls his brother Leo, as she knows he doesn't like to lie. Leo tells her that the truth is unbealivable and she takes it as Max actually left her and swears to not trust men anymore. Maria Dolores takes another attitude and calls Daniel up to tell him that she will see him when she gets out of jail. Nayeli (Violeta Isfel) asks her why she's doing that. Maria Dolores says that what's the difference, if the man she trusted, betrayed her. She then says she will take care of some women that did her wrong in jail. Clarita agrees to accept the job offer, to practically sell herself.

Pili is working with the corrupt authorities in jail and fed Maria Dolores lies. Clarita goes to the place and doesn't feel comfortable, she asked to leave. The random man gives her the money, but then offers her even more money if she stays. She decides to leave but the man grabs her and throws her onto the bed and forces himself on her. Maria Dolores confronts "La Abuela" asking her how she killed Martha. This leaves the old woman confused as it wasn't her, it was Marcia, who now wants to kill Maria Dolores. "La Abuela" tells her that it was Monterrubio that ordered Marcia to kill Martha. Clarita is rescued by Leo and Corina and they all run away from the ugly scene. Josefa has Monterrubio face to face and stabs him in his private area, avenging her daughter Martha. Claudio arrives at the scene where Max is kidnapped.

Josefa turns herself in after she castrated Monterrubio. She also admits to throwing her grand-daughter and destroying a business. Meanwhile, Claudio throws the money to the kidnappers. Once they get the money they tell him he's going to see his son die in front of him, but the police shoot at the kidnappers. Claudio runs towards Max who is shot on the shoulder and is about to get shot again by other men hiding, he intercepts the shots. Josefa is now in jail and goes after "La Abuela" as she thinks it was her that killer her daughter. Maria Dolores tells her it was Marcia. She is shot on the leg when she tries to go after Marcia, but is able to take the gun away from the assistant and uses it to kill Marcia. Maria Dolores is liberated from jail and waiting for her outside is Daniel. Maria Dolores arrives to Ivana's house to get her daughter. Daniel signs over all his estate to Maria Dolores and their daughter. Ursula wants to kill Maria Dolores and shoots her, but Daniel gets in the middle and takes the shot, killing him.

Maria Dolores visits Max at the hospital where he is battling between life and death. As she visits him, it seems that he has past away. Claudio, is not dead, he visits Isela at his home and says that he will be leaving for a while. Orlando proposes to Doris and they make love to celebrate. Keep in mind that Orlando was a virgin up until this point. Max didn't die after all, in a voice-over he tells her that he lied to her to protect her. Maria Dolores says that he has always been there for her...bla bla bla....they lived happily ever after. THE END!