A young man tragically drowned as he and his girlfriend plunged into the sea while attempting to recreate the iconic ‘Titanic’ movie "King of the World" pose.

Furkan Çiftçi and his girlfriend, Mine Dinar, both 23 years old, were on a fishing trip at the marina port in Izmit, Turkey, late on May 16, when they decided to climbed over a security chain to copy the iconic flying pose on the edge of the pier

The pair, who had been drinking alcohol on the trip, tumbled over into the sea, prompting local fishermen to rush for their aid, reports said.

A fisherman pulled Dinar to safety after she managed to grab onto the end of his fishing rod, but Ciftci sadly disappeared under the waves.

Emergency services were called to the scene and a search was initiated for the young man, as an ambulance took Dinar to hospital.

Two hours later, Ciftci's lifeless body was pulled out of the ocean by a diving team. 

“We drank alcohol and then wanted to have a Titanic pose. We lost balance and fell into the sea,” Dinar said in her first statement given at the hospital.

Her relatives said doctors had to give sedatives to Dinar “to keep her calm,” as she grieves the death of her boyfriend, reports said.

A CCTV captured the couple's final moments together as they were seen setting up chairs on the pier ready to fish.

Further investigations into the incident are ongoing, and Ciftci's body is set to undergo an autopsy before his funeral.

In a similar incident, a former Dutch footballer died after he leaped off a 100-feet cliff in an attempt to execute a stunt.

Mourad Lamrabatte was on holiday in Spain with his wife and two children when he tried to to perform a tombstoning stunt in which people hurl themselves into water feet-first.

He jumped off a high cliff in Majoraca, but failed to clear the sharp rocks below him. 

His family was watching and filming the stunt from a boat nearby. The man’s wife, who had been recording the stunt could be heard yelling: “Oh my God!”

In a video shared by TMZ, the man could be seen leaping a 100-foot cliff in Spain with his family watching.

titanic pose Representational image. Wpreeves/Pixabay.