“The Simpsons” remains the longest-running animated comedy series for good reasons. Over the course of 30 years, the series has become a reflection of everyday American family life while cleverly referencing social issues.

With over 600 episodes aired, “The Simpsons” has almost covered all possible themes, and some scenes have actually materialized in real life. Fans are impressed with how the series, a creative product of an intelligent team, was able to predict the future.

“The Simpsons” famously accurately saw the future in the following instances: the presidency of Donald Trump, Disney’s takeover of Fox, Lady Gaga performing in the Super Bowl, the corruption scandal in FIFA and the naming of Bengt Holmström as Nobel Prize Winner for Economics six years earlier.

But the series is not done yet, and some scenes from the series are yet to manifest in real world. Below are other predictions from “The Simpsons” that have yet to come true.

1. Big Ben’s analog clock display will be replaced by a digital one

“The Simpsons” aired an episode in 1995 when Lisa was told by a fortune reader that she will marry a British man. The scene fast forwarded to the future where Lisa finds her husband to be in London. The scene shows the future Big Ben with digital clock. This is a possibility in the future, given the news of the tower’s clock repairs.

2. Hover cars will replace ordinary cars

Bart and Lisa were given a chance to see their future through Professor Frink’s time machine, an episode that aired in 2005. In the future, in 2013, the scene showed Marge leaving Homer as he spent the money they'd been saving on a hover car prototype.

In 2017, Renault developed a car called “Float,” and it looked similar to the hover car in “The Simpsons” episode. Tesla, on the other hand, is using the same technology for a train design.

3. Virtual food will become possible

Another futuristic episode from the series sees Marge and Homer in 2030 eating a virtual fudge through virtual reality glasses and a feeding tube. Virtual reality food tasting sounds possible now. In fact, a team from National University of Singapore is developing a digital taste stimulator through the manipulation of current, frequencies and temperature. It would be possible in the near future to try virtual food.

4. Excessive use of virtual reality will have bad effects

In 2016, an episode called “Friends And Family” exhibited the impact of excessive use of virtual reality in Springfield. People are being hit by cars and detaching themselves from real life. At present, virtual reality is not as mainstreamed as in the episode and remains fairly a new concept, but experts have warned the public about its excessive use.

5. Mass automation will replace human employees

In an episode from 2012, Mr. Burns created robots to replace his human workforce. The only human left was Homer, who oversees the operation. In real life, there are certain industries relying on robots, such as the automotive and electronics industries. But in the future, robot automation can take the place of lawyers and journalists. Several food services, such as Little Caesar’s, use robotic arms for spreading dough, adding toppings and baking in the oven.

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