“The Simpsons” remains the longest-running animated comedy series for good reasons. Over the course of 30 years, the series has become a reflection of everyday American family life while cleverly referencing social issues.

With over 600 episodes aired, “The Simpsons” has almost covered all possible themes, and some scenes have actually materialized in real life. Fans are impressed with how the series, a creative product of an intelligent team, was able to predict the future.

“The Simpsons” famously accurately saw the future in the following instances: the presidency of Donald Trump, Disney’s takeover of Fox, Lady Gaga performing in the Super Bowl, the corruption scandal in FIFA and the naming of Bengt Holmström as Nobel Prize Winner for Economics six years earlier.

But the series is not done yet, and some scenes from the series are yet to manifest in real world. Below are other predictions from “The Simpsons” that have yet to come true. But first, read “10 Predictions Of ‘The Simpsons’ For 2019 And Beyond Part 1” here.

6. Men will be able to travel to Mars and, next, to Venus

In an episode of “The Simpsons,” Lisa signs up for a one-way trip to Mars. Upon learning this, Marge volunteered to go with her. Lisa and Marge arrived in Mars in 2051 only to find out that Lisa wanted to move to Venus.

With Elon Musk currently working on SpaceX, traveling to Mars is highly possible in the future. The only thing that may prevent the prediction from coming true is the budget it will require.

7. Big companies will block the growth of green energy

In the episode titled “Paths To Glory,” Lisa invented a solar-powered vehicle for a competition. As Lisa reaches the finish line, someone from Duff Beer blocked her, preventing her from crossing the line. The crowd started laughing and mocking Lisa.

Viewers believed that the episode symbolizes how the big companies are trying to suppress the growth of green energy. This prediction may be actually happening at present, only the public is not aware of it.

As a matter of fact, an article from New York Times described how utility companies are taking advantage of the outdated monopoly protection law. The law prevents Americans from having cheaper power options.

8. Food hormones will change human bodies

One episode featured Homer buying a cheaper milk filled with chemicals to improve the product’s quality. The hormones drastically changed the younger Simpsons’ bodies. Lisa developed acne, Bart grew a mustache and Maggie had a unibrow.

At present, there are opposing views on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While some research claims that GMOs are helpful, others argue that studies stating GMOs are helpful need more proof to support their claim.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger will become president

“Bart To The Future” episode saw Donald Trump become president and finish his term with the US’s budget dwindling. Trump’s presidency came true. In “The Simpsons Movie” in 2007, President Schwarzenegger was the one making big decisions for the country after an environmental catastrophe hit Springfield.

Some disputed that this prediction would unlikely materialize since the law states that in order to become president, one has to be a natural-born citizen of the United States. Fans argued that a natural-born citizen does not literally mean that one must be born in 50 states and that the term “natural born citizen” is not clearly defined in the Constitution.

10. Music will control people’s mind

An episode called “New Kids On The Blecch” revolved around the boy band The Party Posse, where Bart, Millhouse, Nelson and Ralph are members. This is said to be one of the scariest predictions on the series as it turned out the US Navy uses the boy band to send subliminal messages through music.

The chorus of the “Drop Da Bomb” has the lyrics “Yvan Eht Nioj,” which is “Join The Navy" spelled backward. Viewers feel that this may happen sooner with the emergence of high-frequency auto-tuning effects in music.

What do you think about these predictions?