10 Shows Streaming On Netflix That Make US Hispanic Moms Feel Happier

Mom Me Time
Netflix enlisted the shows Hispanic moms in the U.S love the most. Check here if your favorite show is on the list! Photo: Courtesy

In a recent survey, Netflix found that 72 percent of US Hispanic moms need at least 1-3 hours of “me time” to feels happier and more relaxed on a given day. 59 percent claimed they only have enough time to binge watch their favorite shows 1-2 times a week. It’s no wonder moms go to great lengths to sneak in “me time” to catch up on their favorite shows.

According to Netflix, there are some ways US Hispanic moms are finding time to binge TV shows, for example:  

  • 44 percent stay longer in the bathroom while they’re going “potty”  
  • 26 percent pretend they’re getting ready in the bathroom
  • 23 percent claim they’re sick
  • 21 percent sit in their car after a trip to the store
  • 21 percent hide out in their home (e.g. pantry, closet, basement, laundry room, etc.)

Mom Meme Ways US Hispanic moms are finding time to binge TV shows. Photo: Courtesy

Latin Times spoke with Gabriela Weber on how she manages her time to take care of her, almost three year old daughter and her one year and a half son, and also find the way to enjoy her favorite Netflix shows. "As a mother of two babies, and expecting the third, I simply try to do as much as I can during the early hours of the day," says the 31-years-old Dominican mother from Long Island, New York. 

"I play with my kids, cook for my husband and enjoy quality time with them," says Weber. "Around 7:00 PM the kids are ready to go to sleep and I can organize the toys and put everything in order," she added. Gabriela also said when she finishes doing all the cleaning she takes a shower and then goes to her iPad to enjoy her "me time."

The additional survey findings included that half of US Hispanic moms sneak in TV “me time” 1-3 times a day, and 7 out of 10 US Hispanic moms stated that mothers should not feel guilty about sneaking in some TV “me time” for themselves. Also the broadcasting system shared the top 10 shows US Hispanic moms like to watch when they sneak:

  1. 13 Reasons Why
  2.  Orange is the New Black
  3.  The Walking Dead,
  4. Grey’s Anatomy
  5.  Friends
  6. Fuller House
  7. Jane the Virgin
  8. Narcos
  9. Once Upon a Time
  10. Stranger Things

Netflix Mom Sneak - US Hispanic Top 5 shows US Hispanic moms like to watch when they sneak. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

"My favorite shows are Friends and Orange is The New Black," said Gabriela Weber. "But everything changes according to the seasons," she explains. "I do like the 'me time' because I can relax."

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