It sure is cool and all being a member of the royal family, but a quick glance at the long list of rules they need to follow would make one think twice about wanting to be a royal. While the royal tradition covers a whole slew of weirdly specific guidelines, the truth is that even the royals tend to bend their own rules sometimes. Here are the times that the members of the royal family broke some of their royal traditions.

1. Prince William travels with Prince George

Broken rule: Royals in line for the throne can’t travel together.

Since Prince William and Prince George are second and third in line to the throne, they are not allowed to travel together. However, Prince William once sought the Queen’s permission to travel with Duchess Kate and their children, and the Queen gave them her consent.

2. Princess Diana hugs a dying child with AIDS

Broken rule: Royals are not allowed to touch people outside the royal family.

While visiting New York in 1989, Princess Diana came to know a dying child with AIDS and hugged him as the boy’s head laid on her shoulder.

3. Princess Diana chooses her own engagement ring

Broken rule: Royals use custom engagement rings.

When Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana, Diana told Charles that she wanted a ring from a Garrard catalog. The prince ended up proposing with a 12-carat oval blue sapphire ring instead of the custom ring received by royals.

4. Prince William eats sushi

Broken rule: Royals can’t eat sushi.

As a royal rule, Queen Elizabeth does not allow members of her family to eat raw food, including sushi. While in Japan in 2018, however, Prince William ate salmon sashimi and even told the chef how delighted he and his wife were after tasting them.

5. Princess Diana records in audiotapes everything she knows about Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla

Broken rule: Royals can’t disclose personal issues to the public.

When Princess Diana discovered Prince Charles’ infidelity, she immediately recorded in audiotapes the story of her collapsing marriage with the prince.

6. Prince Charles signs an autograph

Broken rule: Royals need to protect their signatures, so they can’t sign autographs.

While visiting the victims of a devastating flood that had hit Cornwall, a young couple approached Prince Charles to ask for an autograph for his son. Without second thought, the prince agreed.

7. Queen Elizabeth invited Meghan Markle to the royal family’s Christmas celebration

Broken rule: Only married partners can attend the Queen’s traditional Christmas festivities.

Even before Prince Harry married Meghan, the now Duchess of Sussex had already participated in the royal family’s traditional Christmas at Sandringham House. This was after she received an invitation from Queen Elizabeth herself.

8. Queen Elizabeth carries cash in her purse

Broken rule: Royals shouldn’t bring cash.

By tradition, cash is only for commoners. On Sundays, however, Queen Elizabeth makes sure she has cash in her wallet so she has something to donate to the church.

9. Princess Diana enrolls sons in a public school

Broken rule: Princes and princesses must be taught by tutors in the castle.

Princess Diana enrolled both Prince William and Prince Harry in a public school when they were young. Prince William’s school when he was three was at Mrs. Jane Mynor’s nursery school.

10. Queen Elizabeth toasts with her staff

Broken rule: Royals do not toast or celebrate with their staff.

During a Christmas buffet, the chef brings in the rib toast to the royal table. After he’s done, the Queen presents him with a glass of whiskey, and they toast.

The British Royal Family The British royal family during the Queen's 90th birthday at The Mall on June 11, 2016 in London, England. The royal family has a history of breaking royal traditions. Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images