An 11-year-old Indian girl desperately in need of money to save her ailing mother from cancer was allegedly lured into selling her virginity for Rs 5,00 ($ USD 67 approx.)

Fortunately, the police rescued the child from an apartment at Koradi in Nagpur, Maharashtra on Thursday, Sept.30.

According to the police, officers at the scene arrested three women who had arranged a customer for the minor girl and promised to provide monetary help to the child’s family, the Times of India reported.

Investigators confirmed that a police informant had posed himself as a customer and had alerted the authorities about the suspects’ whereabouts.

One of the accused told the police that the child’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and the poverty-stricken family was trying every means possible to find the money for her treatment.

However, the police are investigating the claims.

Investigators said the suspects had asked the customer to pay Rs 40,000 ($USD 538 approx.) in return for the virgin.

The woman lured the child with money and told her they would pay her Rs 5,000 if she accompanies them, to which the girl helplessly agreed.

The women suspects arrested during the raid have been identified as 39-year-old Archana Vaishampayan, 45-year-old Ranjana Meshram, and 30-year-old Kavita Nikhare.

They were arrested by the Social Service Branch (SSB) of the crime wing, who had acted upon information from an NGO.

Police said Vaishampayan and the girl’s mother knew each other.

The mother had agreed to send the girl with Vaishampayan after she said she wanted her to work as a governess for her two-year-old son during his birthday celebrations.

Vaishampayan took the girl to the apartment taken on rent by Meshram, where Nikhare was asked to bring a customer for the girl’s virginity.

A police official said they received confidential information regarding a minor being readied for exploitation, following which officers swung raided the apartment and rescued the child.

A further investigation revealed that Meshram and Vaishyampayan had been arrested in the past for flesh trade in separate cases.

They reportedly befriended each other while in prison, said sources.

An offense was registered and the rescued child was sent to the government shelter home.

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