An 11-year-old was rescued by a group after she was discovered lifeless in the streets by a volunteer six months ago in Calabar.

The child was identified as Esther who was reportedly accused of witchcraft by her sick grandmother. Because of this, she was thrown out.

The Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI) shared the story of Esther who was rescued by a volunteer six months ago. She was almost lifeless at the time but was immediately brought to the hospital.

The girl was allegedly enrolled in a special school in Calabar and suffered a traumatic brain injury that affected her speech.

"Little Esther is an 11-year-old child that was accused of witchcraft by her sick grandmother and forced out of her home. She was found almost lifeless by a volunteer by a major road in Calabar. She spent six straight months in the hospital and most times on oxygen," a post on the BRCI Facebook page read.

It appears that several donors pitched in to help Esther get better. The names of Jens, Melanie and Asu Okang were singled out as patrons behind her treatment and registration in school.

The post also added that all efforts to reach the girl’s relatives have failed. They are looking up a foster care family and are also developing a comprehensive care plan for Esther.

“Thanks to Comrade Asu Okang for his generous contribution to her treatment. When she recovered, the doctors informed us that she suffered a traumatic brain injury which has affected her ability to speak clearly. All efforts to get blood relatives to foster her failed. While we have also not given up in our efforts to recruit a foster care family for her, we had recently developed a comprehensive care plan for her,” the Facebook post read.

11-year-old Esther
11-year-old Esther photo from BRCI Facebook Page

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