A 13-year-old girl reportedly killed herself by hanging, spurred by a deep frustration amid struggles with her weight in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India on Monday, Jan. 24.

The teen, an eighth-grade student in a private school in the city, who reportedly assumed herself to be obese, slumped into a deep depression over potentially being overweight. On Monday, Jan. 24, while her mother was away at work, the girl reportedly took her own life by hanging herself using a shawl.

Later in the evening, her grandparents, who were at the home at the time of the incident, knocked on her door to serve her refreshments. However, when they heard no response from inside the room, the family members decided to break down the door to the teen's room. They subsequently found her hanging lifeless from the ceiling, the Times Of India reported.

Based on a complaint filed by the victim’s mother, who works as an officer with a national bank, the Cantonment police have filed a case and are investigating the incident.

According to the authorities, the victim’s mother and family members speculated that the girl was struggling with her weight and was determined to shed a few pounds. Even though she tried out different diet plans to lose weight, however, her efforts proved unsuccessful and she was disappointed by the results, Times Now reported.

"We have no idea whether she watched any diet-related video on YouTube and tried that but it seemed she watched some videos on committing suicide," said M V Ajay Thangam, Assistant Commissioner of Police Cantonment range.

Meanwhile, Chennai-based senior consultant psychiatrist Dr. N Rengarajan reacted to the incident and said that the teen may have suffered from a negative image of her body.

"It affects them in a bigger way psychologically and prevents them from getting on with their normal life," he related.

Rengarajan encouraged overweight individuals to accept themselves and their bodies. He also advised other people to be careful with the words they say to others.

"The problem starts when you see a body image distorted. Accept and do whatever you want to do. You don't need to accept it and start crying. You can work on it. For the family and society, you should understand that people are sensitive. Change the way you say things to them. You may be well-meaning, but understand that your words can have an impact," said Rengarajan.

Teen hanging dead
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