A teenager who drowned her 11-month-old cousin in a bucket of water said she did so because the infant's mother mistreated her. The girl was released into the care of her uncle.

The 13-year-old girl, who has not been identified, drowned the infant Wednesday, April 7, morning at Omashekediva in the Ongwediva constituency of Namibia.

The girl is however facing a charge of murder, police spokesperson for Oshana, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo said.

According to Aiyambo, the girl and the infant were outside the house when she allegedly took the infant from a tree and placed him in a bucket of water, and left him to drown.

The infant’s mother who was doing laundry at that time did not witness the incident and had asked the girl to go into the house to collect a blanket.

 "She left the child in that bucket and went back to the deceased’s mother and continued washing," Aiyambo said. 

A short while later, a neighbor who came by the house to borrow a match found the infant in the bucket. The child was found dead at the scene.

The girl was questioned during which she confessed to the killing. When asked why she committed such a horrifying crime, the girl claimed that her aunt, the deceased infant’s mother, would mistreat her and her grandmother.

"She is saying she allegedly also cooks food and does not share with them," sources said, a local news outlet reported.

The teenager was interrogated for the murder and was later released into the care of her uncle. The girl could not be arrested, as she is a minor, Aiyambo said. 

This is an ongoing investigation and no further details were available at this time.

In another incident, a man showed up at a police station with his grandmother's head in a bucket. The shocking incident happened Monday, April 4, in the city of Kisumu, Kenya.

Investigators recovered the woman’s headless body after the suspect led them to a tin-roofed semi-permanent house in an estate where he and the old woman lived. The exact motive behind the slaying is unclear, however, the suspect told the police that he killed his grandmother to put an end to her suffering.

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