A newborn baby allegedly died of starvation after the mother passed out for hours after consuming an excessive amount of alcohol. The woman and the infant were found on the road.

The incident was reported Saturday, March 27, from the Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh, India.

The mother, identified as Rajveer Kaur, was an alcoholic, Dhamtari police said. The woman began drinking Friday evening and passed out after a while.

The woman’s newborn baby kept crying for food throughout the night. The next day the neighbors found the baby dead and the mother in an inebriated state.

According to neighbors, the mother and child were seen lying on the road. They said that they heard the baby cry the whole night. When they woke up the next morning the crying had stopped, neighbors said.

Aware of the woman’s alcoholic habit, the neighbors grew suspicious and went to check on the baby. After finding the baby unresponsive and the mother passed out, the neighbors informed the police.

The child was pronounced dead at the scene and the body was sent for an autopsy. The woman was arrested, however, the charges imposed on her were unclear at this time.

"The women police will interrogate the deceased child's mother. We think that the child died due to starvation as locals said that the mother of the infant was found in a drunken state," said Navneet Patil, SHO, Sundarganj PS.

"According to the locals, the infant's mother is an alcoholic and she never takes care of her newborn. Everything will be confirmed after receiving the post-mortem report," Patil added.

The incident happened while the infant's father had left town on a business trip.

In a similar incident, a Malaysian couple was sentenced to death by hanging after they were found guilty of killing their 22-year-old daughter by starvation. The victim, Siti Hajar, was intentionally starved to death by her father, 55-year-old Anuar Yusof, and her stepmother, 40-year-old Murni Ahmad.

The disturbing fact about the young girl's death was that she weighed only 18 kilograms at the time of her death. The victim's whole family including her two siblings were arrested for the murder.

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